Custom fields

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If default set of fields is not enough you can create custom fields applied to clients, projects or tasks. To do this you need to open "Administration >> Edit custom field templates...". Click "New Template" button. Next you need to enter a field name and select a field type from the list below:


Field Type



Any text could be added in this field


Only integer value could be added


Float value could be specified in the field


Field contains a date


Field contains a time


Field contains a money value


Yes or No value could be selected for this field


1 to 5-star rating could be selected for this field

Single Choice

One of many values should be selected from the pre-populated list

Multiple Choice

Multiple values could be selected from the pre-populated list


Tip: "If you select Single Choice or Multiple Choice field type you need to fill out the Value Dictionary field. To add a choice simply add a new string in Value Dictionary field. As a result, each string of this field will be a separate choice."


Upon the field type is selected you need to determine where this field should be applied to. Below is an example of custom fields: