Integration with 3rd party products

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Q: Can TaxWorkFlow’s email module integrate with Gmail?

A: Yes, the TaxWorkFlow email module can integrate with Gmail, Hotmail and other email services. It can also integrate with Microsoft Exchange.


Q: Is there a calendar/schedule integration?

A: Yes, the calendar function is available when you have Microsoft Exchange® server integration and the client portal module. This calendar features dual synchronization with your Outlook™ calendar (so you can book a meeting in either TaxWorkFlow or Outlook and the calendar slot will be marked as “Busy”).


Q: How can I integrate and/or migrate data in and out of the system to other platforms?
A: TaxWorkFlow allows you to import customer information from your existing tax system using an Excel spreadsheet. It also allows you to batch-import the documents from a file system with automatic categorization.


Q: Does TaxWorkFlow integrate with QuickBooks?
A: TaxWorkFlow integrates with QuickBooks Desktop. Please see Interaction with QuickBooks chapter of this guide.


Q: Can QuickBooks accounts be synced with TaxWorkFlow?
A: No, it's impossible at the moment.