Invoice print preview

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Print preview option is available for all invoices in the system. It could be opened from "View Invoice" window and it looks the following way:



This window contains several groups of buttons.


"Report" group - these buttons allow user to load, unload and save Report File (*.rps). Design button allows you to make changes in invoice design while Rebuild button rebuilds the preview according to submitted changes.


Design button opens a popup window where you can change format report options, colors, fonts and behaviors:



Also from here you can setup format's title and/or footnote text and properties.


"Output" group of buttons allows you to send the document to your default printer by clicking "Print" button. "Print dialog" button opens a standard Windows dialog where you can select printer and setup printing properties."Export to PDF" button opens "PDF Export Options" window.


"Format" group contains the following buttons:

Page Setup - opens "Page Setup" window where you can setup

paper size

paper source


print order





Format button allows to edit title, footnotes, page numbering and date and time format.

Background button allows you to select a background color and fill effects.

Fit to Page Width - allows you to set content to page width.


"Zoom" group buttons allow you to select a preferable zoom of the preview:


"Navigation" group of buttons allow you to navigate the pages of the invoice.


"Preview" group contains "Thumbnails" button that enables thumbnails, "View" button that allows you to show/hide margins, margins bar and status bar. "Header and Footer" button unhides header and footer tabs where you can select a part of header/footer and insert the following information there:

Page number

Number of pages

Page number of pages

Date and time



Machine name

user name