Select client form

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You can find "Select client" form when you choose a master account for the client, when you create a new task or project and assign it to the client(s). You can also see this form uploading documents or creating a problem trigger. This form looks the following way:



If you are creating project or task you can select multiple clients by clicking an appropriate button. After clicking this button a new column "Selected" appears. Using this feature you can create several identical tasks or projects for different clients at once. "Assign Selected Clients" button confirms your choice while "Clear Client Assignment" will clear your selection and close the form.


If you wish to find the client using a search bar, be sure that the column which contains the information you're looking for is enabled in the table. This form was created to make your work with clients more easy and comfortable. You can sort the list by company name, taxpayer last name or by spouse last name:



You can also find the client by his/her name. Start typing the name in the search box and you'll see all appropriate results immediately:



Also you can export the list of the clients to any format from the list: