Working with accounts

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Starting your work with TaxWorkFlow's invoicing system you need to add accounts you want to include in invoices. There are a number of accounts grouped by type available by default. To browse existing accounts, to modify, to delete them or to add new accounts you need to go to “Billing”-> “View accounts...”



To edit an existing account double-click on it or select it and click an "Edit Selected Account" button:



In this window you can change account's type, name, office it's assigned to and its rate. Also you can choose if this account invoiceable and edit billing description for this account. "Save And New" button allows you to save changes in current account and immediately create a new one. To add a new account from the "Edit Accounts" window you need to click on "Create New Account" button:



Select a type of the new account from drop-down menu, add name and rate of it and determine if it's invoiceable or not. Add billing description if necessary. Save the changes you've done and a new account will appear in the list of accounts.


Accounts of "Work time" type have a billing category:



You can manage billing categories by clicking "Billing">>"View billing categories":



Here you can add new category, delete existing categories or change their names and/or billing status. The most common way of using billing categories is analysis of the time spent for some work. For example, you can add such categories as  Accounting, Correspondence, Reconciliation, Tax Forms etc. Apply certain category to the time you are adding to invoice and later you can see how much time and money was spent for accounting, work with correspondence etc.