Document Management

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Q: Is there a way to attach documents to a project in TaxWorkFlow?

A: Yes, you can place documents right into the project/task instructions using TaxWorkFlow’s drag-n-drop interface or you can use the “Add File” button and select documents to attach from your computer or other accessible locations using the “Import documents from folder” dialog.


Q: Can I assign a document folder to one client?

A: TaxWorkFlow’s client folder structure is global for all clients. However, you can file certain folders in client-specific subfolders by typing the subfolder name in the bottom of the "Select Folder" form.


Q: Should I create a document folder tree every time I add a new user?

A: The document folder tree is global for all users, clients and offices, so you need to create it only once for all users. In addition, you can customize the tree and add subfolders for specific documents. Subfolders are not global and will be shown only to the client for whom they were created.


Q: Do files stay in their native format in TaxWorkFlow?

A: Yes.


Q: When I scan a document into the system, will your software be OCR so that the documents can be searchable.

A: No, our software does not OCR documents and does not provide the search inside the document.


Q: How can stored documents be exported out of TaxWorkFlow?

A: Stored documents can be exported into a folder by recreating the folders tree of the database. Or, you can export just one branch of the folders tree.