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Most Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can I use TaxWorkFlow for other practice management functions besides tax?
A: Yes, one of the unique features of TaxWorkFlow is that the software can be customized to accommodate any sequential accounting process or engagement function.


Q: What are the unique functions/capabilities of TaxWorkFlow?
A: To learn more about TaxWorkFlow’s robust functionality and unique capabilities please visit our Features and Benefits page.
Q: Can I use TaxWorkFlow with any tax software?
A: Yes, the software can integrate with any tax software.
Q: Does TaxWorkFlow integrate with other software solutions?
A: Yes, the software can integrate with other software solutions including QuickBooks® and other professional grade software.


Q: Will it integrate with any version of QuickBooks, including QB online?
A: TaxWorkFlow can be integrated with QuickBooks Desktop application now. The QB Online integration is not yet available but we're working on the integration now.
Q: How customizable is the system? 
A: One of the most powerful features of TaxWorkFlow is that it can be completely customized to the unique needs of each firm. TaxWorkFlow’s unique project-and-task structure includes both pre-defined processes and the ability to create completely customized workflows.
Q: What kind of “standard” problems are built into the software?
A: TaxWorkFlow includes automatically generates problems when certain conditions are met or certain requirements fail. There are problems that are pre-defined within the software and there is also the option of setting manual problems customized at the individual client level at specified points in the workflow.
Q: Does the software comply with current IRS statutes and regulations?
A: Yes, TaxWorkFlow is regularly updated to reflect all changes in the IRS tax code.
Q: Is the software compatible and/or supported on Citrix (XenApp)?

A: Yes, it can run on any Windows physical or virtual machine.


Q: Are uploaded documents actually embedded in the database, or are they separate from the client database?

A: Uploaded documents are embedded (stored as BLOBs – binary large objects). This feature provides easy integration with other systems, quick search capabilities inside the application as well as links to tasks projects and other features.


Q: Do you have a confidentiality or nondisclosure agreement?

A: We normally do not sign the confidentiality or non disclosure because this is the part of our Terms and Conditions. You can read them during the installation process or you can find them in the installed application at "Help > Terms and conditions".


Q: Are you integrated with ProSeries®?

A: No, at this time TaxWorkFlow is not integrated with ProSeries®.


Q: How many people can use TaxWorkFlow in my firm?

A: You can have unlimited users of TaxWorkFlow in your firm.


Q: Which data is stored locally and which data is stored in the TaxWorkFlow cloud?

A: Only some private user settings are stored locally. Everything else is in the cloud. However,  TaxWorkFlow does have an option to install everything locally in your database (MS SQL Server or MySQL Server).


Q: How are client records secured in the cloud?

A: TaxWorkFlow uses SSL protocol for connecting to the cloud. Login and password credentials are encrypted.


Q: How is client data backed up?
TaxWorkFlow client data is replicated in real-time to an off-site location to ensure immediate availability of the data from a secondary location in case of a catastrophic event at the primary data storage location.


Q: Where is the cloud located?

A: The cloud is located in our own cabinet on our own servers in New Jersey in Equinix NY4 datacenter. Only our staff has access to this cabinet. Learn more about this data center at http://www.equinix.com/locations/united-states-colocation/new-york-data-centers.


Q: Do you store any data at datacenters in foreign countries?

A: No. TaxWorkFlow, LLC is based in New York City and all data is stored securely in New York.


Q: Can I move my database from the cloud to in-house servers?

A: Yes, we can help you to do this anytime.


Q: Do I need to store a full EIN/SSN of my clients in the system?

A: No, you can enter just the last four digits of client’s EIN/SSN in the database.


Q: Do you have some price lock terms?

A: Yes, price lock terms are written in the invoice when you buy the service.


Q: Can I pay on any type of payment plan, or is it only upfront?

A: We have annual payments for the year in advance. However we offer you a free period of 2-3 weeks for free set up with our team. This will help you learn if the product works for you.


Q: Client Portal:  Is it through you or do we have to maintain a separate portal?

A: The client portal is through us. We can offer email and web site hosting as well (free as part of the service).