Hardware Questions

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Q: Is TaxWorkFlow a cloud-based or a server-based solution?
A: TaxWorkFlow is a unique hybrid software application that combines the processing speed of a PC desktop platform with the enhanced data storage capacity of a cloud-based solution.
Q: How is client data secured and backed up? Where is data stored?
A: The client data is replicated in real-time to an off-site location to ensure immediate availability of the data from a secondary location in case of a catastrophic event at the primary location. Client data is stored on TaxWorkFlow’s own dedicated servers in our own rack space in the Equinix NY4 data center. 
Q: How can I integrate and/or migrate data in and out of the system to other platforms?
A: TaxWorkFlow allows you to import customer information from your existing tax system using an Excel spreadsheet. It also allows you to batch-import the documents from a file system with automatic categorization.

Q: Does the software have to be installed on each PC where it is used?
A: Yes, because the system is a hybrid desktop/cloud solution, each user must install the program on their workstation.
Q: My computer is quite old, will the application run on it?
A: Yes. TaxWorkFlow is a native Windows application so it will run optimally even on older computer with older versions of the Windows operating system (i.e. Windows XP etc.).


Q: What are the minimum operating system requirements for the software?
A: To use TaxWorkFlow you need the following:
Windows XP, Vista, Ultra, 7, 2008, both 32 and 64 bit2 GB RAM10 GB hard disk space and ahigh-speed internet connection (at least 1Mbps upload, 5Mbps download speeds).
Q: Can TaxWorkFlow be used on a Macintosh computer or a mobile device?
A: No. Windows is the only operating system supported for TaxWorkFlow at this time.


Q: What type of internet speed should I have?

A: You can use any internet connection, but a high-speed internet connection will save you time, reducing how long it takes you to upload or download documents, for example.


Q: Can the application be run on tablets?

A: Yes, but only on Windows tablets.