McAfee Internet Security

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1.Open your firewall’s main window.

2.Select “View firewall and anti-spam settings” in “Web and Email Protection section”.

3.Click the “Firewall” link.

4.Select “Internet Connections for Programs”.

5.Click “Add” button.

6.Click “Browse” button and browse to TaxWorkFlow.exe.

7.Make sure that “Access” is set to full and “Net Guard” is off and click the “Save” button.

8.Repeat steps from 5 to 7 again for the TWFPDFPrinter.exe file. It should be located in the TWFPDFPrinter subfolder of the application’s folder (by default it is usually C:\Program Files (x86)\TaxWorkFlow\TWFPDFPrinter\TWFPDFPrinter.exe).