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TaxWorkFlow is a comprehensive practice management solution for tax professionals that simplifies the tax preparation process while ensuring optimal organization of client data, efficient internal and external communication, and successful tax return completion. But it goes far beyond tax preparation!


TaxWorkFlow also has comprehensive Client Relationship Management (CRM) capabilities allowing firms to consolidate contact information, tax data and documents, and account activity for each client. You can even track client referrals within the database and, if you choose, offer clients discounts based on this activity.


Workflow functionality is the backbone of TaxWorkFlow’s streamlined Workflow Management System. The work for each client is organized as a series of tasks that can be customized at the universal or individual customer level. That way, you can reproduce success each time for each customer. TaxWorkFlow also allows you to manage multiple accounts, i.e. business and individual returns, and raise alerts in case some conditions fail or materialize, ensuring that a comprehensive tax return is completed on time for every client -- automatically.


TaxWorkFlow contains a powerful Document Management System. You may store all important business documents directly in the database instead of a local computer. For your convenience, all documents can be categorized according to your preferences. You may create as many folders and subfolders as you wish and upload all types of documents to the system using corresponding buttons or simply by drag-and-drop file migration. If uploaded files are too large, the file can be uploaded in the background using the drag-and-drop feature. You can also automatically pick up, categorize and file the documents under individual clients with a separate service program.


TaxWorkFlow offers administrators and managers the ability to assign individual user passwords and logins to control access to information and to monitor workflow progress, so you always know who is responsible for what, how much progress has been made, and when the tasks at hand have been completed.


TaxWorkFlow can also serve as a convenient client-facing tax portal residing on the website of tax professionals enabling appointment scheduling, document exchange, and communications management to be executed seamlessly. Delivering documents to customers electronically and/or having  clients upload their documents directly into your centralized storage database saves you time and money. Uploaded documents will be filed under specific categories under the corresponding customer.