The Structure of TaxWorkFlow

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TaxWorkFlow is a unique software application that combines the processing speed and application integration of a PC desktop platform with the enhanced offsite data storage capacity and collaboration of a cloud-based solution.



Using a native Windows application provides you with the following productivity enhancers unlike other Web applications:

Native controls that are much more productive than other workflow systems. For example, you can use key shortcuts to do quick jobs, or simply navigate faster using the TAB, SPACE, ENTER, or arrow keys across navigation controls. This means you have both hands on the keyboard at all times, increasing your typing and work processing speed. If you are tired of struggling with your mouse all day long, TaxWorkFlow is the solution for you!

You can have multiple windows open that will automatically refresh when changes are made in another window. With browsers, you are forced to manually refresh the windows and wait for the result to show on screen. And how many times you had to redo your work due to an outdated browser session? That never happens with TaxWorkFlow.

TaxWorkFlow saves you between two and five seconds each time you switch between screens compared to a browser-based solution because only data is downloaded from the cloud, not the whole page. As a result, the software’s responsiveness is unbeatable.

You can use the drag-and-drop feature to seamlessly drag files and emails into the document storage. No need to use cumbersome upload buttons and file dialogs. This will save you hours during tax season!