Service Questions

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Q: What types of support and training services are included? 
A: Your TaxWorkFlow license includes telephone and email support, in addition to a downloadable User Guide to help you learn and maximize TaxWorkFlow’s benefits.

Q: What is a time frame to get the application completely set up to use? 
A: Normally it takes two or three 30- to 60-minute calls to set up TaxWorkFlow for you to use in your firm.

Q: How long can I expect to wait for support when I have a request or an issue?
A: We generally aim to address all client requests and issues within 24 to 48 hours.


Q: What is the price structure of TaxWorkFlow? Is it per seat, per user or per firm?
A: TaxWorkFlow annual pricing is $1,500 on a per-firm basis and is subject to sales tax in New York and New Jersey.


Q: What is the cost for subsequent subscription years of TaxWorkFlow?

A: Currently, clients receive a permanent lock guarantee on the $1500 price for TaxWorkFlow. The annual fee will remain the same as long as you remain our client.


Q: What is the licensing if we want multiple instances of TaxWorkFlow? We might have a desire to have a separate instance of the program for each of our clients?

A: Each license is per database connection. So if you want to have multiple database connections, you will have to purchase additional license for each connection.


Q: What extra-charges should I pay buying the application?

A: There’re no extra-charges at all. Buying TaxWorkFlow with the application you’re getting a Support, unlimited storage place in the cloud, unlimited users, offices, returns etc. It’s all free of charge when you buy an application. Also we offer free the client portal, web and email hosting for existing customers - in case you want to further consolidate your bill.


Q: How long is a trial period of using TaxWorkFlow?

A: The trial period is flexible. We normally offer two weeks trial period but we can extend it to one month if there’s a reasonable delay.


Q: How does trial period work?  What are the payment arrangements?

A: The trial period is really the period during which we are implementing the software and training your staff. This is done via the webinars where we interview you and understand your requirements, and at the same time we customize the system for you. So you don't have to learn the system to initially setup and start using it. You do not have to pay anything until you confirm that the system we provided and customized meets your needs.


Q: Can I cancel my subscription?

A: If you cancel your subscription, TaxWorkFlow will permanently delete your account along with all the data from the cloud. Before the account is deleted, you may wish to export all of your clients and documents to preserve your data. We will be happy to assist you in transferring your data to another system.


Q: Do you have an agreement that defines the rights and obligations of each party?

A: We don't have an individual agreement. We have standard terms & conditions, that you accept by signing up (that's the industry standard for the subscription-based services).