TaxWorkFlow Functionality

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TaxWorkFlow incorporates many powerful capabilities allowing every step of the tax preparation process to be managed and completed effortlessly, efficiently, and correctly. Here is a sample list of goals you can achieve by using TaxWorkFlow.

Schedule the types of work you do and who will be doing them in what sequence

Organize hundreds of tasks to be completed by various team players, such as admin work, tax preparation, accounting, invoicing, and outsourcing functions

Add new staff users by sending simple invites containing all instructions they need to get up and running fast inside your workflow

Fine-tune staff user access depending on permissions for security and integrity purposes

Schedule default processors for certain events to better organize your staff's time and productivity

Delegate routine task management or problem detection to an interactive system that acts according to comprehensive and flexible workflow rules

Keep track of all your clients information, and every aspect of your communication with them, including tax related information, preferences, actual email messages and notes, input documents, tasks, events, meetings, reminders, referrals, project notes and deliverables

Organize all your documents electronically in the cloud by category, customer, and work completed. Plus, you can quickly find what you need later based on the various criteria

Use drag-n-drop and automated pick up / filing system to save time instead of loading large amounts of paper into the system, or even have your customers securely upload the input into your online storage

Import/export documents and burn them to DVDs directly from the application

Share customer documents and emails with your team working on the project, ensuring everybody is in the loop

Publish draft returns and other customized categories to customers automatically

Perform bulk email and mail campaigns to notify your clients about various events and deadlines

Reassign tasks as your workload and resources change over time

Monitor your staff time, productivity, progress reports, and adjust priorities on the fly

Track missing information for each customer's return, either individually or based on a global template rules

Save your time by having automated reminders emailed to customers if there is information needed to keep moving forward on the tax return

Ensure special tax return requirements are met for some of your clients -- automatically and on time