Windows Shell and Web Integration

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TaxWorkFlow can be used to create links that open just like you would open an URL, so you can send links to the documents saved in the database, just like you would do with web links!


For example, when you invite somebody to the system, he or she will get the e-mail with two links:



First link allows new user to download the installer. After the installation is finished user will click the activation link from the message and from this moment he or she can work with TaxWorkFlow.


Links in e-mails are very useful and will save you a lot of time. In each task or project e-mail notification you can find the link, click on it and open the certain task or project. If some document was published and you've got a notification about it you can open this document immediately. Click the link from the message and the document will be opened, so you don't need to open an application and search for the certain document.