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Sandra Howell, Tax Specialist

In today’s complex and competitive environment, tax and accounting firms need every edge they can get. The pressure to do more, in less time, is relentless and keeping clients in the loop is often an ongoing challenge, especially in smaller firms where everyone’s working at full capacity. That’s why progressive firms like Agile Income Tax in Montgomery, Texas, are taking a proactive approach to finding the right workflow and practice management solution to maximize their productivity, efficiency and responsiveness.


As Sandra Howell, Tax Specialist, at Agile Income Tax explains, not all workflow and practice management firms are built the same. Prior to using TaxWorkFlow, Agile Income Tax used a less robust system, but as Sandra says, “It really didn’t do the work we needed it to do. When we were evaluating different workflow and practice management options, TaxWorkFlow popped out at us because it allows users to truly plan, create, assign and keep track of tasks.”

The tracking of tasks is critically important to ensure that no client work falls through the cracks, but it can be very difficult—unless you have the right workflow management solution. With just five staff and hundreds of tax and monthly accounting clients to service, Agile Income Tax finds TaxWorkFlow invaluable when it comes to keeping on top of who’s working on what and which tasks have been completed.

“Having a system that manages and stores every email communication for each particular client as well as providing the ability to scan and file documents to individual clients is priceless,” says Sandra. “Not only can we manage tasks, communication and documentation, but using TaxWorkFlow’s dashboard feature any staff member can pick up where someone else left off and know exactly where they are and what they need to do.”


TaxWorkFlow, which was developed by CPA Jonathan Medows, is designed to offer the most customization and control possible in a streamlined and intuitive interface. TaxWorkFlow even allows users to select local or cloud-based data storage protected by the programs extensive security safeguards. And, at only $1,500 per year including unlimited users and unlimited support, TaxWorkFlow also meets another very important criterion for any firm—price.

Complementing the powerful core workflow features of TaxWorkFlow are the platform’s practice management modules: robust and fully customizable workflow, client relationship management, staff management, document management and storage, a time and billing module as well as an email campaign module and a client portal. TaxWorkFlow also integrates with QuickBooks® allowing firms to securely connect to clients’ QuickBooks company files in addition to QuickBooks accounting features and payment processing services.


With its diverse client base of individuals, small businesses and large companies, Agile Income Tax needs a solution that works for every client—and they have found it in TaxWorkFlow.

 “We use TaxWorkFlow’s for our monthly accounting clients and our tax clients. It’s easy to keep our clients in the loop, too with the system’s automatic email reminders,” says Sandra.

And, if the firm ever needs assistance setting up a client workflow or with a technical question, Sandra knows that help is just a phone call or email away. “TaxWorkFlow’s support team is awesome. They are really responsive to our needs, which makes them a great partner for our firm.”