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  • It takes into account your real practice problems, needs, and wishes
  • It ships with standard templates that will automate your daily routines right from the day one
  • It enables you to automate your business processes far beyond just tax and accounting
  • It is a constantly evolving product, with new enhancements coming out every month based on our client feedback and suggestions
  • The application is being successfully used by CPAs for 12 years now



  • Product is fully owned, developed & supported by a single privately owned firm
  • We do not outsource any production operations to external vendors, so everything remains under our control
  • We use only in-house staff, our own IT technology, and server infrastructure
  • A single point of contact enables us to quickly address your issues in initial deployment and ongoing operations



  • One software application replaces multiple products (calendar, emails, file sharing, PDF printer, viewer, and creator, client portal, etc.)
  • The workflow is not just about taxes or accounting. It can be used to automate whatever operations you need: marketing campaigns, sales, client support, internal compliance, etc.
  • Everything is template driven: you define templates for anything and apply these patterns over and over again for new or existing clients
  • You can customize templates as you grow and improve your internal teamwork
  • Each user can customize TaxWorkFlow settings on their own: create reports, table views, menu buttons, skins, etc.



  • Be productive by using one comprehensive tool vs. multiple tools, each serving a small function, i.e. time and billing, invoicing, email communications, document creation and delivery
  • Easy to find information from multiple sources, i.e. emails, documents, tasks, without the need to switch between several programs
  • Enable quick internal collaboration and teamwork, by monitoring and quickly reassigning tasks to others in case of staff/workload changes
  • Instantaneously catch up on the work status (what’s due now, who is working what items now, what is scheduled to reoccur in the future, what is blocking the job completion, etc.)
  • Easily & quickly balance staff work load using priorities and filter-driven batch reassignments
  • Do your business outside your office, by accessing your data at home or client’s location via mobile applications, or involving your clients into the workflow via the client portal
  • Have your clients help you do your work, i.e. upload files, pay invoices, schedule appointments, sign the documents, fill out forms on the client portal
  • Stay productive by using a native Windows application: use key shortcuts, keep many windows open that automatically refresh, drag-n-drop your files, emails, tasks, use your screen space more efficiently by organizing layouts to display what you really need
  • Stop wasting your time manually typing emails by using an integrated and automated template-driven email system that helps you communicate to your clients and staff and attach the input to the open workflows with just a few mouse clicks.



  • SINGLE FIXED PRICE = $1,500 /year
  • No extra costs or charges for anything: extra users, storage space, offices, features, number of documents or clients
  • No need to buy a new server or workstation to host the system
  • We will provide historical backup and real-time mirror copy in the cloud for you
  • The pricing stays locked as long as you remain our client
  • Free and unlimited technical support
  • Free implementation and training sessions, both for on-boarding clients as well for clients wishing to review their internal processes and learn new features throughout subscription period



  • NO ADVANCE PAYMENT: we install, customize, and implement your real production account free for you, so you can determine if it is worth your hard earned money only after you evaluate the real working system customized to your requirements
  • NO PRICE RISK. SINGLE FIXED PRICE = $1,500 /year. No extra costs or charges
  • NO RISK OF HUMAN ERRORS, all your data & actions are backed up and can be rolled back if you accidentally lose any information
  • NO VENDOR LOCK-IN RISK. You can easily export all data from TaxWorkFlow to other formats (e.g. Excel, PDF or original files)
  • NO STRESS when switching to our product, you easily keep your own business processes via completely customizable workflow rules and import wizards
  • EASY IMPORT of clients’ data from Excel and documents from a file system or other document systems
  • FULL INTEGRATION with QuickBooks® enables synchronization of estimates, invoices, payments, and related client data
  • CHOOSE YOUR DATA LOCATION: We offer data location in our cloud, in your cloud, or in your on-premises server, without extra cost, so you can decide what scenario will work best for you – from the point of security, performance, ease of use.



  • Full integration with email hosting and calendar providers, such as Microsoft Exchange and Google
  • Easy to add and invite new users to your account
  • Intuitive, familiar, user-friendly and customizable window layout
  • Built-in ready-to-use templates for workflow automation
  • Easy client and document import via various Wizards



  • You can work out of your home, office, or your clients’ office: 24/7 access to all documents, emails, contacts
  • Mobile application works with most iPhone and Android smart phones
  • Data, docs storage in-cloud, or in-house, or both



  • One single phone/email contact for any problems
  • Available throughout regular business hours as well as on holidays/weekends with prior notice
  • Easy troubleshooting and training via a screen sharing sessions
  • Personal approach by dedicated staff who speaks your language and get things done for you



  • Use template-driven rich text emails with value placeholders for personalized and professional communication with your clients
  • Ensure timely and precise communication with your clients via workflow rules and automatic notifications for delivered work items
  • Stay on top of your client’s needs by receiving and sending client emails right from inside of the application
  • Manage missing documents effectively by notifying clients about the problems and then attaching emails from clients to the tasks/project that are on hold
  • Have your clients securely upload their documentation to the integrated document archive via the client portal, and these documents will show up in the right place inside the document system without any extra steps
  • Be ready for client calls by reviewing consolidated all contact information, tax-related data, documents, history, current work status, pending problems, invoices, etc. on each client in the CRM section
  • Ensure accuracy of your data by organizing your assignments, deadlines, documents, problems, billable items into one ensemble of workflow rules and have TaxWorkFlow micromanage that for you



  • The application is quick to learn, and we will train your staff as you grow and new features come out
  • Specifically designed for people with limited IT technology skills who just want things to work the way they want it
  • Document your processes as part of the workflow rules so your new staff will immediately know what to do once they are plugged into the workflow process
  • Have your staff concentrate on their real tasks, by wasting less time on emailing, invoicing, scanning, managing deadlines, prioritizing tasks, catching up on the status with clients, searching for documents, etc.
  • Ensure smooth and easy internal work routing between your staff members to make sure everybody is doing the right job at the right time
  • We will help you adjust the system to match your internal business processes free of charge
  • We will help your users if they run into issues, so you don’t have to support your staff on your own



  • Stop losing money: gain full control over your engagements with clients, your staff work time, invoices, clients’ deadlines, status updates, etc.
  • Stop information paralysis: organize all your client workflows, documents and emails with the automation tools provided by TaxWorkFlow
  • Obtain peace of mind with redundancy and historical backups that we offer as part of our cloud service, so you can roll back in case of human errors
  • Avoid your clients go dormant by using recurrent projects so you can grow your repeat business practice
  • Capture private client knowledge in public workflows to make sure no one is irreplaceable in your company and you can always continue servicing your clients no matter what
  • Track your staff efficiency and never forget to bill a client with TaxWorkFlow’s workflow-integrated time tracking and billing system
  • Run efficient marketing communications with new or old clients about your service offerings and other updates via email campaigns
  • Grow your practice: you can easily manage more clients by applying successful workflow practices with much less incremental operations overhead
  • Maintain trendy, professional, and reliable professional image even through most busy seasons
  • Concentrate on strategic business oriented activities instead of micromanaging routine daily operations