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Your firm can achieve increased productivity with TaxWorkFlow’s intuitive native Windows interface with the
enhanced data storage capacity in the cloud. The TaxWorkFlow combines the processing speed and usability
of a PC desktop platform with the benefits of collaboration, sharing, and productivity in the cloud.

  • Wokflow benefits:
    Automating a company's workflow offers many benefits. In some companies labor productivity increases up to 25% with an automated workflow. Don’t you mind to increase a productivity of your team with TaxWorkFlow?
    • Improved business efficiency
    • Better communication and increased consistency in the team
    • Employees are more effective in completing their tasks with little to no supervision
    • Fewer administrative errors
    • Improved visibility of all processes in the company
    • Management can concentrate on strategic business oriented activities
    • Tasks can be assigned to the people with appropriate skills to perform the task, rather than allocating to anyone who needs work to do
    • Identifying and removing the unnecessary steps/processes
    • Higher level of productivity
    • Increased profit
  • Document Management
    System benefits:
    Professionals spend 50% of their time searching for information, and take 18 minutes to locate each document on average. Reduce this time to seconds with TaxWorkFlow’s Document Management System:
    • Better version control
    • Facilitated collaboration
    • Improved timeliness
    • Increased document security and control
    • More reliable backups
    • Lower document management and archiving costs
    • Better search
  • Client Related Management
    System benefits:
    It’s common to believe that your customers leave you because of pricing or service. That’s not true. According to The Rockefeller Corporation 82% of customers will leave because they think you do not care about them. TaxWorkFlow’s Client Related Management System will assure your clients you care about them!
    • Access all client-related information from one central screen
    • Focused marketing efforts
    • Enhanced customer care
    • Elevated clients satisfaction
    • Ability to share and receive data
  • Time and Billing benefits:
    One of the most popular frauds in companies is employees’ time misreporting. According to Jacob Blass, the president of Ethical Advocate, a typical company loses 5–7% of its gross revenue to fraud. TaxWorkFlow’s Time and Billing Management System will save your money and time, too.
    • Easy to switch from project to project
    • Daily email summaries
    • Helpful in adjusting resources
    • Create more accurate estimates
    • Increased pipeline management
    • Billing-driven workflow
  • Desktop Productivity benefits:
    Using a native Windows application provides you with the following productivity boost unlike any other Web application:
    • Native controls that are much more productive. For example, you can use key shortcuts to do quick jobs, or simply navigate faster using the TAB, SPACE, ENTER, or arrow keys across navigation controls. This means you have both hands on the keyboard at all times, typing faster, multitasking faster, and doing your job faster. If you are tired of struggling with your mouse all day long, TaxWorkFlow is the solution for you!
    • You can have many windows open and they will automatically refresh if you make a change in another window. With browsers, you are forced to manually refresh the windows and wait for the result to show on screen. And how many times you had to redo your work due to an outdated browser session? That never happens in TaxWorkFlow.
    • TaxWorkFlow saves you 2-5 seconds each time you switch between screens compared to a browser based solution. The foundation for this productivity is the multithreaded application when all processing power of your is utilized, and also only pure data is downloaded from the cloud, not the whole page. It's responsiveness is unbeatable.
    • You can use Drag-n-Drop to seamlessly drag files and emails into the document storage. No need to use these stupid upload buttons and file dialogs. This saves your hours during the course of the tax season!
    • Windows Shell and Web Integration. TaxWorkFlow can be used to create links that open just like you would open an URL. So you can send links to the documents saved in the database, just like you would do with web links!
  • Hosting benefits:
    TaxWorkFlow offers you an option where to store your data - in the cloud or in-house. If you haven’t decided yet please look at the benefits of both ways of hosting.

    Cloud Data Hosting:

    • No cost for additional network equipment and IT-staff
    • Reduction in time and resources needed for data management
    • Eliminate deployment time
    • Free redundancy, back-up and recovery options
    • Higher level of security
    • Increased data mobility
    • 24/7 data availability

    In-house Data Hosting:

    • No Internet connection needed when deployed inside the local office network
    • Lower database access latency and higher upload/download speeds for local network
    • Control of physical access to own servers
    • Reuse of existing server infrastructure in the office
  • Security benefits:
    At TaxWorkFlow we know that our customers rely on our solution as an integral part of their business operations. That’s why our top priority is ensuring that we provide a solution that is as secure and as reliable as possible. The following is an overview of the security safeguards we have in place:
    • SSL Encryption. All data and electronic information from the TaxWorkFlow website is protected with SSL encryption.
    • Firewall Protection. The TaxWorkflow database (which includes your data) resides securely behind firewalls.
    • Data Backup. Client data is replicated in real-time to an off-site location to ensure immediate availability of the data from this secondary location in case of a catastrophic event affecting the primary server location.
    • Physical Security.The TaxWorkFlow servers are located in one of the largest U.S. data centers, Equinix NY4. This facility provides biometric access controls, constant surveillance, redundant power feeds and generators, robust fire suppression, and carefully monitored climate control to protect the servers that store your data.
    • Login and Password Security. Your login and password are encrypted in our database and in your native TaxWorkFlow application.
    • Software Security. Frequent application updates addresses 3rd party security issues such as SSL security.
    • Installer Security. TaxWorkFlow installer ensures installation of all necessary components and tuning of firewall system on the client's side.