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Debriefing Post-Tax Season? Make Sure the Right Workflow Tools Are on Your List

Now that tax season is almost behind us, successful firms are spending time debriefing to ensure that any workflow inefficiencies and problem areas are addressed. To help your firm conduct its workflow analysis, TaxWorkFlow LLC’s co-founder, Jonathan Medows, CPA, explains how TaxWorkFlow helps small firms can gain control of their workflow for tax and other engagements.

Q: What is TaxWorkFlow?

A: TaxWorkFlow is a comprehensive and collaborative workflow management solution that allows accounting firms to control and simplify tax return processing, and other engagements, to produce higher levels of productivity, accuracy, and profitability. 

The platform is comprised of four robust modules that allow you to completely customize your workflow processes, manage client information, organize and store documentation, and improve client communications:

  • A highly flexible Workflow Management System
  • A powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • An advanced Document Management System 
  • A fully integrated Email System

Together, these modules allow accounting firms to achieve higher levels of efficiency and accuracy by automating and managing their workflow using custom and built-in workflow rules. The end result is more money back to the bottom line because tax returns can be completed more quickly and without the errors that add time to processing.

Q: Why did you create TaxWorkFlow?

A: As a practicing CPA, I was seeking an affordable, easy, and reliable firm workflow solution to increase the efficiency of my firm’s tax and accounting engagements. The problem was, I couldn’t find a solution on the market that would meet my needs from both an efficiency and economic perspective. 

Instead of settling for something that would not provide the functionality I needed—at a price I could afford—I decided to create TaxWorkFlow. Now, after five years of development and hands-on testing in real CPA firms, I am pleased to share the benefits of the platform with my peers.  

Q: As the owner of a small firm yourself, what are the most important things you can do to ensure that your workflow is as efficient as possible?

A: When it comes to tax return processing in my firm, I have found that making sure every process is standardized and can be repeated in a sequential fashion is critical to increasing our efficiency. We use TaxWorkFlow as our primary workflow system to achieve this purpose. Using a workflow system that allows you to set-up custom processes makes success repeatable no matter who is working on a client’s return. And when we have new staff members, or we have temporary team members who join us during busy season, they can easily fit into the workflow.

TaxWorkFlow offers complimentary demonstrations to help firms see its robust capabilities in action. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule a demo or to learn more about how TaxWorkFlow can support your firm’s productivity and efficiency goals.